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At the end of March we performed ‘Elijah’ by Mendelssohn in the Lyle Kirk, with Glasgow Chamber Orchestra, and featuring four fantastic soloists - Catriona Hewitson, Penelope Cousland, James Schouten and Ross Cumming.

This was our last concert with Andy McTaggart as conductor, and he certainly finished on a big high. The music was terrific, the choir sang very well, and the orchestra were outstanding. Ross Cumming was particularly good as Elijah, and we were pleased to feature an octet from within the choir, singing ‘For He shall give His angels charge over thee’.

The audience turnout was the best since our ‘Feel the Spirit’ concert in 2019, and the final chorus of ‘And then shall your light break forth’ was one of the highlights of recent years for the choir.


This concert marked the end of season 2022/23 for the Choir, but we are looking forward to Saturday 19th August when we will work on Coronation Music as a Come and Sing event in St. John’s Episcopal Church, Greenock, which will be followed by a short performance. This event will be led by our new Musical Director, Nicholas Wilks.

 For further information contact or call Calum on 07847 250529.


We will also restart our rehearsals for the new session on Monday 4th September. New members in all sections will be made very welcome.


“In fact, I imagined Elijah as a real prophet through and through, of the kind we could really do with today: Strong, zealous and, yes, even bad-tempered, angry and brooding—in contrast to the riff-raff, whether of the court or the people, and indeed in contrast to almost the whole world—and yet borne aloft as if on angels’ wings.” - Felix Bartholdy Mendelssohn, 1838

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