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To bring this right up to date we had the innovative idea of projecting photographs to enhance the visual images described in the text of the songs.

This unique aspect of the concert was made possible by the Lyle Kirk’s AV set up, and by the talents of local photographer, Campbell Skinner, who compiled a selection of his own photos to mirror the music and words of the singers.

This began with a visual image of a sunrise appearing as the choir sang “And there was light”, and continued with mountains, stormy seas, sunsets, pastoral scenes with animals and birds, and the magnificent scenery of Inverclyde and other parts of Scotland.

The concert featured Glasgow Chamber Orchestra, and 3 young soloists - Caitlin Mackenzie, Euan McDonald and Will Frost. They all sang beautifully, and the whole performance was conducted by musical director Andrew McTaggart.

Andy must be commended for his inspirational training of the choir in the rehearsals leading up to the concert and his ability to get the best performance from the combined forces of choir, soloists and orchestra.

This concert marked the end of season 2021/22 for the Choir, but we are looking forward to Saturday 6th August when we will do ‘Elijah’ by Mendelssohn, as a Come and Sing event in Largs, which will be followed by a short informal performance.


For further information contact or call Calum on 07847 250 529.


We will also restart our rehearsals for the new session on Monday 12th September. New members in all sections will be made very welcome.

Photos by Campbell Skinner.

We held our annual Spring Concert in the Lyle Kirk, performing ‘The Creation’ by Haydn. The oratorio depicts the creation of the world as told in the book of Genesis.

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